Corporate Focus

Acorn Financial specializes in working with corporate employees and executives; most of our client base comes from the corporate world. We have found that each company’s benefits package has unique opportunities that can have a measurable effect on a family’s long-term wealth when utilized.

In reviewing many companies’ benefits programs, we have found the following topics of critical consideration. When the strategies below are understood and strategized for, we see time-tested success throughout our client base.

  1. 401(k): Roth or Pre-Tax Savings
  2. 401(k): After-Tax Contributions
  3. 401(k): In-Plan Roth Conversions
  4. 401(k): Investment Allocation
  5. 401(k): Rollovers and Roll-ups
  6. Deferred Compensation Planning
  7. Health Savings Account as a Retirement Tool
  8. Stock Units and Options
  9. Pension Benefit Survivor Analysis
  10. Private Roth IRA Contribution Determination and Strategy

As a Nashua, New Hampshire-based family business, we are familiar with many companies located right in our backyard. If a prospective client is employed at any of these businesses, we can speak to the specifics of their benefit right away.

  1. BAE Systems
  2. Elbit Systems
  3. Raytheon
  4. IBM
  5. Southern New Hampshire University
  6. Eversource
  7. Merck
  8. Eli Lily
  9. US Government – CSRS and FERS
  10. City of Ft. Lauderdale, FL

We are accepting new clients and welcome your interest.